New members
The club welcomes new members of all ages and abilities.  Please contact the Secretary on 01728 452562 if you would like to know more about joining, or simply call into the Club.


Membership fees 2019

Full adult member (Born 31st December 1989 or before)
Couple(joint adult members residing at same address)
Family(parents/guardians and all JUNIORS residing at same address)
Young Adult (Born 1st Jan 1990 – 31st Dec 1994) £129.00
Youth (Born 1st Jan 1995 – 31st Dec 1999)
Junior (Born 1st Jan 2000 – 31st Dec 2008)
Child (born 1st Jan 2009 or later)
Over 70 (born 31st December 1948 or earlier subject to 10 years membership)
Over 80 (born 31st December 1938 or earlier subject to 10 years membership)

An Entrance Fee not exceeding £100 per joining family is payable in all cases.25% of the entrance fee is credited to one member’s card in both the first and second year of membership and may be spent at the bar or galley.

Membership application procedure
Please complete the application form below and return it, together with a cheque for the appropriate amount, to the Secretary at the address given on the form. Please note the form contains further details of the membership procedure and club facilities. After October 1st, the following years subscription rates are applicable and membership will be valid until 31st December.
membership application 03-10-18

Subscription Payment by Direct Debit
Please complete the Direct Debit Mandate form below. An original hard copy needs to be returned to the Secretary. Having most members on the direct debit system assists the administration of the club in the long term, as well as being a convenience to members. Returning the mandate now will ensure 2018 and subsequent subscriptions are collected by Direct Debit. Two Direct Options are available. OPTION 1: The annual subscription is taken in full on the last working day of January. OPTION 2: The annual subscription is taken in 6 equal installments on the last working day of the first 6 months of the year (ie Jan-Jun). There is no additional charge for Option 2. Members should indicate which Option they choose. As Club system development allows, we aim to extend the Direct Debit offer in future. The developments that we will consider include: notifying members of upcoming payments by e mail rather than by post; widening the scope of club purchases and fees that can be settled through direct debit. Direct Debit Mandate Form:
DD MANDATE 2 SIDES20171010_12181238

The Club’s Data Privacy Policy is published here:
AYC Data Privacy Policy adopted 05-10-19

We publish the Club Rules below. Since the Club incorporated in 2005 these consist of Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Byelaws. The Memorandum is essentially fixed in time. The Articles may be updated from time to time by a resolution of the Members at AGM or SGM, the Byelaws are updated quite frequently by ac resolution of the General Committee. These appear as two documents; the Memorandum and Articles together and then the Byelaws

AYCmemorandum&articles-adopted by members 26-03-2016
Byelaws adopted by GC 13-10-18