Dinghy parking fees and other services

This page lists the prices of services offered by the club to members.   Please pay all outstanding fees to the office.

SUMMER 2018 and WINTER 2018/2019 2018 Summer 2018/19 Winter
Flying Fifteen, K6 £82.00 £54.00
Lapwing, Laser, Mirror, Topper type, (< 14ft) £42.00 £54.00
Wayfarer, RS400 (single hulled) (> 14ft) £62.50 £54.00
Optimist/Tera £20.50 £54.00
Other sailing boats multi hulled £118.00 £54.00
Speedboat/Dory/RIB >3.5m & >10 HP

(incl Annual Slipway Usage)

£180.00 £54.00
Annual Slipway Use, members only (Multiple In/Out) £92.50
One-off Slipway use, (In or Out, or In and Out if Same Day) £26.00
Inflatable dinghies (in compound) £51.50 £51.50
Rowing dinghies and tenders (12 months) £41.00
Outboard Motor Storage £41.00 £41.00
Sail Storage: One Large and Long Locker (12 months) £36.00
Sail Storage: One small Locker or One Spar/Sail Slot

(12 months)

Trailers at South end of Dinghy Park only (12 months) £31.00
Yacht Services
Launch & Recovery; inc. lifts, tows and exit scrub £149.00
Step and unstep mast at beginning and end of season

(if ordered)

Pressure scrub inc. tow in & out £50.00
Annual package of up to 5 scrubs during the season (+additional Winter Series scrub) £180.00
BOAT SCRUB NOTE: Scrub work times exceeding 1/2 hr., subject to additional charge at Boatman’s time per Man half hour
Bring ashore in cradle and re-launch, inc tows £40.00
Unspecified use of Boatman’s time, per man half hour £15.50
Winter Storage
Dinghy towing only (local e.g. Brick Dock) £36.00 £36.00
Dinghies 14ft and under stored at Brick Dock £108.00 £108.00
Dinghies over 14ft stored at Brick Dock £133.00 £133.00
Cruisers in Car Park up to 1st May Bank Holiday

(per ft for Winter)

Cruisers in Car Park after 1st May Bank Holiday

(per ft per week after 1st May)