RS Tera

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Description The RS Tera is a lovely single handed boat for children and small adults which can also be sailed by two smaller children (up to 70kg). It is easy for children to rig and get on the water. The RS Tera comes with the option of two sails: the standard Sport and the Pro, a bigger fully battened sail for more speed and power.
Class status ISAF Class and Learn to Sail Boat
RYA Recognised Junior Class
Length 2.87 m
Draft 0.8 m
Sail area mainsail Sport: 3.7 m²
Pro: 4.8 m²
Aldeburgh handicap Sport: 1459
Pro: 1400
Number of boats in fleet 21
Fleet captain
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RS Teras at Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh has a fleet of six RS Tera boats purchased in 2012.  Three of the Teras are sponsored by the Eric Twiname Trust  have both pro and sport rigs.  The boats are all available for training, hire and junior sailing.  A further 20 members have their own RS Teras and enjoy racing at home and away.

The RS Tera fleet has its own start in Junior Racing and the junior regatta.  Our sailors actively enjoy junior sailing and all the social events including the club picnics.  If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our young RS Tera owners please contact Linda at

The RS Tera Eastern Area Association is also very active and organises many events and training around the region at Aldeburgh; Alton Water; Brightlingsea; Harwich; Waveney and further afield.  The Nationals and Worlds take place in Weymouth.  Winter sailing is available at Alton Water.