RS 400


Description Two man dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker
Class status Manufacturer sponsored
Length 4.52 m
Displacement 85 kg
Sail area mainsail and jib 14.76 m
Sail area spinnaker 13.94 m
Aldeburgh handicap 931
Fleet captain stephen Fulford
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RS 400s at Aldeburgh
The RS 400 was introduced to the club in the late nineties as a replacement for the Fireball fleet. Early leading lights were amongst others; Stephen Fulford, Paul Walker, Sarah Thornton and Ian Robson. Following successful club outings to the RS 400 National Championships at Weymouth and Pwlhelli under the captaincy of Paul Walker, the numbers at the club really began to swell until there were over 25 boats for the then Class Captain Matt Fairless to marshal. The fleet remains one of the largest in the country with 18 boats competing in the 2010 Regatta. The boat suits a wide range of size and ability and over half the regular crews are “husband and wife” teams.

Crews are always in demand for these fun, speed machines, and boats are available on loan. So, if you fancy a go, contact the Class Captain, Roland Walker, and get ready to hold on tight!