Junior sailing statement

The primary objective of AYC’s junior sailing programme is to assist junior members to becoming independent, Competent Sailors through a pathway of structured junior sailing activities.

In this context, a Competent Sailor is considered to be one who (i) can sail safely, independently, confidently and competently in waves and wind strengths up to force six, and (ii) displays appropriate behavior and seamanship on and off the water. It is recognized that some junior sailors may wish to sail to a higher standard and this is best pursued through membership of regional or national sailing squads.

AYC undertakes a number of structured junior sailing activities, principally:

a) RYA approved training courses (mostly summer based),

b) weekend junior sailing sessions throughout the sailing season (undertaken by volunteer parents and others),

c) summer junior racing and sailing sessions (supervised by junior instructors),

d) a junior regatta,

e) core fleet based activities/ open weekends/specialised coaching, and

f) participating in club racing by means of a junior start or otherwise The purpose of these activities is to support the Primary Objective and they will be coordinated to that aim.

AYC has a diverse membership. It includes (i) those who reside locally, (ii) those who are weekend visitors and (iii) those who only attend the club in the summer months. AYC also recognizes that junior sailors develop and progress at different speeds. In developing and undertaking its junior sailing pathway, AYC will try to accommodate this diversity of membership and development ages.

While not dictating boat choices AYC recognizes the benefits of focusing on a number of core fleets, and these will form the basis of the junior sailing pathway. Currently, those core junior fleets are optimist, tera, feva, laser (4.7, radial). Handicap racing will be available for all classes and all are welcome on the water.


Whilst certain activities rely on AYC employing instructors or coaches, it is recognized that volunteer parents provide the bulk of the manpower for AYC’s pathway sailing activities, from on water coaching/safety, through rigging/launching to onshore activities (assistance with race management, organization/administration etc.) Recognising the family nature of AYC, and the fact that the junior sailing pathway is not childcare, it is expected that the parents of all children participating in structured junior sailing will volunteer.